Brandon Caylor

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The Gist About me

A Passionate Software Engineer

Not to sound too cliche, but alas, I am one of those passionate engineers. I take pride in what I do, always strive for the best (or as close to perfection as possible), and I absolutely love learning! I mean, I built this entire site on a framework brand new to me just because I wanted to learn how it works!

Anyways, I started off my career of software engineering as a nursing student - yes, you read that correctly. I love helping people and making people happy, but I've also had a forever love of computers and technology. I decided to take a risk despite a lot of people telling me not to and pursued my dream of software engineering.

Employment-wise, I am currently a Software Engineer at HomeTown Ticketing, and I absolutely love my position with them! Even still, I am always open to hearing about new projects and usually have time to squeeze some freelance projects in. If you'd like to connect with me or start a project, feel free to send me a message! Hope to hear from you soon!